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Monday, July 24, 2006

Israel and Lebanon: The News

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There are several sides to this news article, so the facts shall speak for themselves. Israel left Lebanon after having a buffer for 18 years, only to allow Hizbollah to claim a victory due to terrorism and continue to recruit young, influential minds to become suicide bombers, murderers, and haters of Israel.

Many people in the south of Lebanon did not hate the Israelis, just as the Israelis do not the Lebanese. The problem, it appears, is Hizbollah. They do not want Israel to exist as they are puppets of Iran supported by Syria.

Does this mean Israel has always been right? In protecting herself, yes, in her policy, who knows? Unless we have been within the government or lived there, it is hard to say; but it is well known that no government is 100% right. That is just absurd!

It appears that the Arabs and other Muslims believe this to be an incursion by Israel, while Israel is the country that has lost 1500 people to terrorist attacks in the past few years. Some of the articles on the side with Hizbollah are Musharraf, Abdullah discuss Lebanon, Syria will step in if Lebanon invaded (as if they ever left), Aid stuck in transit to traumatised Lebanon and REGION: Iran tells Israel to ‘pack up and go’. These articles were found in The Daily Star and the The Daily Times (Pakistan).

On the Israeli side of the story, we have (Haaretz Daily Paper) Peretz: Hezbollah has fired 2,200 rockets at northern Israel so far, Report: Nasrallah says IDF incursions won't stop rocket fire, PM: Media biased, doesn't show 'murderous viciousness' of Hezbollah, (Jerusalem Prayer Team) Iran's Hizballah Ready to Attack Israel and U.S., A Strategic Assessment of the Hizballah War: Defeating the Iranian-Syrian Axis in Lebanon and Hizbollah is Here.

Reading these, one might be led to believe they were in the Twilight Zone. We hope when this matter is resolved, it is truly resolved. Until that time, we will be forced to write more fiction than is desired.

PS. Many of these articles are short in length. That is one of the reasons I chose them, so view a few. Thanks.


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