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Monday, July 03, 2006

Day 40, Revival

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First of all we want to express our deepest gratitude to you for participating in these 40 days of prayer and fasting for Iran. We are overwhelmed with so much love and prayer support that you have showered on Iranian people. We believe your prayers, together with many thousands of others, have been heard and the Lord will answer. This most generous investment of your time and prayers will impact Iran beyond description. THANK YOU.

Though the forty days are over, we hope and trust that Iran will continue to have a special place in your heart and that you will remain in prayer for the nation. The prayforiran.com website and the forty subjects for prayer will stay live indefinitely as a resource for you and others to use.
Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord, and that He may send the Christ, who has been appointed for you - even Jesus." Acts 3:19-20.

On this final day we want to cry out to the living God on our knees for Christian revival to sweep through Iran.

In the last forty days we have praised God for many of the blessings Iran enjoys. But we have also asked the Lord of compassion to have mercy on the suffering of the nation.

It is obvious that Iran needs a radical spiritual transformation, revival and restoration. For this to happen, the nation is in need of deep conviction of sins, rather than condemnation, so that the people will humble themselves before the almighty and merciful God and repent. Then times of refreshing will come.

Oh living, compassionate and all powerful God, who spoke and the universe came into being, who desires all men to be saved, and who responds to the prayer of the righteous, hear our prayers:
  • We pray that the Good News of the Gospel will spread all over the land. That every person will have an opportunity to hear and understand the work of Jesus on the cross, His death and resurrection, and the Good News of salvation provided for everyone.
  • We pray that every Iranian Christian will be filled with God's love and passion to declare Christ. We pray that every Iranian church will become a training centre for evangelists and that men and women will be sent to take the Good News all over the land.
  • We pray also for nationwide distribution of the Word of God and Christian literature, for the effective use of the internet and 24 hour radio and satellite television programmes so that all of Iran and Iranians worldwide will hear His Voice.
  • We pray that God the Holy Spirit will bring about a deep conviction to the heart of the nation as never before. We pray that the whole nation, young and old, men and women in the cities and rural areas of Iran and Diaspora will fall on their knees individually or in households and groups and cry to God and repent. We pray that like an avalanche a national spiritual revival will sweep the country.
  • We pray that You, oh God, will forgive Iran and wipe away all sins. We pray that You will give the nation a new heart to seek after You and become an instrument of righteousness to love and to do Your will.
  • We pray that You will pour out Your Spirit upon Iran and anoint the nation and that Iran will become a major missionary sending country to take the Gospel all over the Islamic world and beyond.
Thank you so much for praying for Iran.

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  • At 7/13/2006 10:17 PM, Anonymous Sherry in Ohio said…

    Hi Rosemary, I want to tell you a story about something that happened to me on the morning of 9/27/2003. My mother and my cousins say it's divine intervention. So hear it goes.

    I had been taking Vioxx for 4 weeks because of the severe pain in the joints of my hands, wrists, left shoulder and ankles. I have 3 sons (The oldest one was 13 at time, 16 now). He had spent the weekend with his dad & step-mom. My two younger ones were 4 & 16 mos old.

    The night before was fine, I went to bed with no problems. I had the most strangest dream. I was sitting on a front porch of a huge house with the most beautiful green grass, rabbits hopping along, beautiful mult-colored trees. I was sitting on the step below from where Jesus was sitting. He opened up the Bible and was showing me how to pray. Only I didn't look at his face. All I could see was his hands, body clothed in long white garment. He specifically told me that as long as I said "The Lord's prayer" every night, he would personally watch over me because he has always found favor in me.

    When I woke up to the sound of my youngest son crying I was actually reciting "The Lord's prayer". I went to the kitchen to fix him a bottle when my lower abdomen went into extreme pain. (It felt as if my female anatomy was going to explode). I had doubled over trying to walk to attend to my son's needs. I was in so much pain that I almost passed out going down my steps to get to the family room. It was as if someone had carried me down the steps. I don't remember my feet touching the steps. Then I called my hubby from work to come home because I was going to have him take me to the hospital. Well, the upper area of my breast started hurting and also underneath it. Then the pain went to my left Shoulder and then my elbow. I called 911 for possible heart attack. Called my mom who came over (who thought I was having a panic attack)just as ambulance got there. Hubby came home same time. Went to hospital and the S.T.elevations were going haywire. Cardiac doctor performed cardiac cath & angioplasty and placed a surgical stent in my artery. The artery had collapsed. Sure enough I DID have a heart attack. I had just turned 36 yrs old in August too. The Doctors wanted to know why I didn't lose consciousness during my attack. They all have said I should have been unconscious after they reviewed my enzyme level tests. What I had was not a minor heart attack. Now, my heart doctor tells me every time I see him for check-ups, God was looking after me. As for my abdomen, they couldn't find anything wrong at all.

    Now my mother reminded me from when I was 5 yrs old being in the hospital and I told her about some kind wonderful man who put his hand on my head and said I would be healed. Back then, she said she asked me what he looked like and I told her I don't remember because the light was hurting my eyes. I never remembered that til my mom told me.

    I have always wanted to share my experience with other people so they would know that God loves everyone. I now read the Bible and say my prayers and try to live by the Bible.

  • At 7/16/2006 9:24 AM, Blogger Rosemary said…

    Dear Sherry,
    That is so beautiful! I pray that you are doing much better. Somehow, I know you are. :)

    I had 2 strokes when I was just 22. Two days after graduating college! Oh well. He has done for me what no doctor could. I can walk, talk (too much, lol), and do anything (almost) that I did before.

    I will add you to my pray list. I will consider as a prayer partner. Even though we've never met, and maybe never will stay in contact, I appreciate what the Lord has done in your life. All Praise be to God! God bless you. :)

  • At 7/16/2006 11:49 AM, Anonymous Sherry said…

    Now I am plagued by visions that I didn't have before. These visions are not good ones either. There is so much death and destruction everywhere. The only thing I can do is pray and trust in the Lord. I will also say a prayer for you! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!


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