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Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Plea and a Prayer for Darfur, Sudan

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I have completed the five-part series with Mr. Jay McGinley on Darfur, Sudan. You will find it at Knickerbocker News. Please start with Part 1 and read through to Part 5.

He is an amazing man. He is willing to lay down his life in a peaceful form of protest until these lawmakers get moving and put troops in the Darfur region that are there to PROTECT (not rape, plunder, sell into slavery, etc.) these beautiful people. What are you willing to do? Have a blessed day.


  • At 8/21/2006 7:54 PM, Blogger Sherry said…

    Is you site taking my posts yet?

  • At 8/23/2006 7:28 PM, Blogger Sherry said…

    I pray for all the people of Sudan and all those African countries who are displaced by wars, genocide and everything else. I also pray for the citizens of Iran and elsewhere. God Bless Rosemary!


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