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Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Fall and Redemption of Man v Evolution

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Genesis 2:15 and Romans 5:12, 18-19

Please take the time to read the whole chapter(s). I always recommend this, because it is not good to grab a verse out of the Bible and use it for a certain goal. Our Pastor did this today due to the restraint on time. He expects us to do the same.

1. Doubt: Did God really say...
2. Denial: You will not surely die!
3. Defame: God knows you will be like Him.

1. Let us discuss doubt. When Adam was alone in Paradise, he did not sin against God. He trusted God, and he was satisfied. So what brought doubt into his life?

When Satan approached the scene, he waited for the woman to be alone. Why? Was she not there when God told Adam the consequences of the ONLY commandment? No, she had not been created yet. She had been taken from the side of man, not in the same manner as man was created.

So what does this mean? It is my great suspicion that when we listen to people we know have no integrity and faith in the Lord, they are liable to attempt to mislead us. If we are not solidly grounded in the Lord, we will end up being one of those people who falls into the theory of "whichever way the wind blows." Why does this happen?

That is one of the amazing things about humans. They (we) have a deep-seated need to believe in something. Unfortunately, some of us end up believing in anything. There is an empirical thirst inside of us to question everything for some, some things for others, but always to question. To some people's dismay, on both sides of the discussion, one cannot see the other's side as feasible.

Now we are coming into the denial aspect.

2. Denial of God. Satan told the woman that she would not surely die. Is this true? Let us explore this in more depth. The woman already has doubt about God from listening to Satan in the first place without her husband to protect her. Now she is being told that all she had believed was wrong. But how could this be?

We all have what is known as a sinful nature. But this was before the fall of man, you say? That is correct, so how did it occur?
While we may wish to know the answers to questions pertaining to the origin of evil, Moses had no intention of supplying them for us here. The point God wishes to make is that we are sinful. To pursue more distant causes only removes our responsibility for sin from the focus of our attention. [continue reading]
This is so powerful to me. I love to read Bible.org. I was searching for when Satan actually fell from Heaven, and this is what I came upon. lol. Pretty cool.

I do believe the point is that what is true, it is true. To deny truth is to lie oneself. This is a very painful and lonely existence.

3. Oh really? Does God say we will be like Him, or does He say, "We cannot allow them to eat from the tree of eternal life"? Actually, He does say both. Why, then, would He not want people around who are just like Him? Ah, and that is where the sin problem shows it's ugly face.

Are you happy? Do you ever notice any of the burdens around the world? Do you know what causes most of them? No, it is not lack of money, but the corruption of the hands to whom the money fell. It is corruption, hatred, jealousy, violence, lies upon lies, and many other sources caused by sin. God is pure and Holy. He cannot look at sin, therefore, how could He possibly allow mankind to live forever?

I realize I am not saying this properly, and I know there are much better people than I that can explain it to you. Our message today was about the entrance of sin into the world by one man and the redemption of life by one man. It was through the sinless life and the evil cruxifiction of Jesus Christ.

Yes, I called His death evil. It was a necessary evil. That is one thing many people just cannot wrap their heads around. Especially those of us who would rather seek excuses not to obey God than to live by His Peace.

This is where evolution has filled the gap of the seeking unbeliever. You cannot challenge this theory, which has been debuncked for quite a while now, by our college professors. Darwanism was debunked several years ago.

Please, if you can show me evidence of a big bang or some other absurdity, then show me by all means! They cannot. Alas, they accept it as fact without the scientific process. This, my dear, is a faith for which I will not indulge.

Allow me to ask you one question to ponder. Do you believe in little green men? No? Do you spend your life's work trying to prove/disprove their existence?Hmm. Atheists do just that with our beloved God.


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