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Sunday, April 23, 2006

People of the Book

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Psalm 119:89-96

What if there never was a Bible? What would the world be like? Would there be an America? Would we have civil liberties, hospitals, schools, literacy, science, etc? Would we have been better off? Madeline would say, "Yes." She is a famous atheist.

She disappeared a long time ago. Six hundred thousand dollars also disappeared at the time from the place American Foundation for Athiests. What was to keep anyone from stealing? The is no law against it, not morally, unless you believe in God.

People that reject going to Church have a 36% higher death rate, while Church goers are much more healthy. This was found in a Time magazine.

Since God was forced out of schools, we have 16,000 crimes PER DAY. They carry guns and knives to school instead of Bibles.

I'm sorry I cannot provide sources yet. I am watching Church at the moment. I want to capture it's essence for you. I am watching Dr. James Kennedy of Coral Ridge Church.

Today's service is "If The Bible Had Not Been Written." I'm not sure, but I think everything is for sale. That is the one thing I do not like about Churches, but they do need to get their message out. This Church does several community and national activities, so I support them. You do not have to. :)

I hope my dribble makes sense. I've never been good at taking notes. lol. Have a good day, and God bless you.


  • At 7/02/2006 6:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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  • At 7/20/2006 12:00 PM, Blogger Adam_Lanman said…

    The answer is, of course, very uncertain. Christianity has had many positive and many negative effects throughout history, as all religions have had. I cannot say that Christianity is solely responsible for all advances in society any more that I can say the opposite. The incredible power of the church during the middle ages through the Rennaissance led to the Scientific Revolution, which is responsible for many positive and negative changes as well.

    Religion is far too interwoven in our history for its effect to be truly appreciated.


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