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Friday, April 21, 2006

One Miracle, Lest We Forget

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Randal McCloy, 27, was taken from the mine with a collapsed lung and kidney trouble due to dehydration.

While the tragedy of losing 12 miners is still fresh in our minds, let us not forget about the prayer God DID answer.
MORGANTOWN, West Virginia (CNN) -- The 27-year-old survivor of a coal mine explosion that killed 12 miners was able to squeeze his wife's hand Wednesday after doctors temporarily decreased his sedation, according to the doctor treating him. [continue reading]
What a great miracle! In our grief, we ignored what God has done. He has saved one of the men. One husband, one father (?), one son, one brother. Praise God!

I am guilty of allowing my sorrow to take over my joy of God's miracle. I just thank God it did not take too long for me to get my mind back. Yes, sometimes I do lose it and have to go looking for it. lol.

I wanted to share with you this story. Thank you, and have a great day.

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