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Friday, April 21, 2006

Justic Carr says Ten Commandments can stay

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Justice Carr says Ten Commandments can stay 4/21/2006.
It has always been somewhat disturbing to me that the only way we can have the 10 Commandments is if they mean nothing. Why bother? Well, anyway...

Last June, the SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the US) declared that the motives for having the 10 Commandments would determine whether or not they could remain.
The Supreme Court in June allowed a 6-foot granite monument to remain at the Texas Capitol. Justices said Ten Commandments exhibits would be upheld if their main purpose was to honor the nation's legal, rather than religious, traditions, and if they didn't promote one religious sect over another.
(I am so glad Sandra O'Connor is gone.) This is a very confusing message.

In Toledo, Ohio, there was a federal case to bring down a 50 year old monument of the Ten Commandments given by the Fraternal Order of the Eagles as part of an effort to combat juvenile delinquency.
U.S. District Judge James Carr said Tuesday [April 18, 2006] that the monument can stay because the motives for placing it outside the Lucas County courthouse were secular and not an endorsement of a specific belief.
Motives??? Are you going to tell me that our constitution is not valid because at the time of its signing, many had the abolishion of slavery as a motive? What do you mean motives? Are we not allowed in this free society? Why bother having any commandments if they mean nothing at all?

Please forgive my outburst. I was going to write another victory article for the Church but as you can see, this is no victory at all. Not if you have to EXCLUDE God. No, I want no part of that freedom.


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