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Thursday, April 20, 2006

I Am Resolved to Follow Jesus

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Good morning. I have just come from Church. It was a very good service. Our Pastor spoke of Paul's resolve toward the end of his life, and he was resolved to look forward-not backward. This was very refreshing for me, for I have been so busy blogging about everything and everyone else that I have lost my way. I have put God in a box on the shelf, and I take the box down when it's time to pray only to put Him right back away. I am resolving to find a Bible with LARGE primt! I have not been reading my Bible, because it is too difficult to see those tiny letters. Aha! Is this true? I read the tiny letters on the blogospher when I need to get the resources for an article! Alas, I have sinned. I have lied to myself. I convinced myself that I was doing good works by writing about the horrible conditions of some of our other brothers and sisters. This is not a bad thing to do, but it is when I do this before praying about it, reading the Bible, and seeking the Kingdom of God. I repent of this sin. I will write here every morning first, before I go about my day. I understand the world will not collapse if I don't answer that e-mail, write that story, or read that breaking news if I do not rush to it. That is what I have been doing all year. Last year I resolved to write at least once a day in my site. I have accomplished this. I pray, Dear God, help me to keep this resolution. This one is so much more important. Thank you for stopping by. I pray you may have found a little something to help you. I will try to share my spiritual walk with you in the hopes that you may find hope. God bless you, and have a nice day.

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